Moscow ML Library

The Moscow ML Library consists of large parts of the SML Basis Library and a number of extensions.

Identifier index

Identifier index

All structures

Array    Array2    ArraySlice    Arraysort    BasicIO    Binarymap    Binaryset    BinIO    Bool    Buffer    Byte    Callback    Char    CharArray    CharArraySlice    CharVector    CharVectorSlice    CommandLine    Date    Dynarray    Dynlib    FileSys    Gdbm    Gdimage    General    Graphics    Hashset    Help    Int    Intmap    Intset    Lexing    List    ListPair    Listsort    Location    Math    Meta    Misc    Mosml    Mosmlcgi    Mosmlcookie    Msp    MySQL    NJ93    Nonstdio    Option    OS    Parsing    Path    Polygdbm    Polyhash    Postgres    PP    Process    Random    Rbset    Real    Redblackmap    Regex    Real    Signal    Socket    Splaymap    Splayset    String    StringCvt    Substring    Susp    TextIO    Time    Timer    Unix    Vector    VectorSlice    Weak    Word    Word8    Word8Array    Word8ArraySlice    Word8Vector    Word8VectorSlice   

Description of the structures

Arraymutable constant-time-access arrays SDF NO
Array2two-dimensional arrays S
ArraySlicemutable sub-arrays S F
Arraysortarray sorting (quicksort) L
BasicIOinput-output, see Definition (temporary) DF
Binarymapbinary tree implementation of finite maps L
Binarysetbinary tree implementation of finite sets L
BinIObinary input-output streams (imperative) S F
BoolBooleans S F
Buffermutable string buffer
Bytecharacter-byte conversion S F
Callbackregistering ML values for access from C
Charcharacters SDF NO
CharArrayarrays of characters S F
CharArraySlicesub-arrays of characters S F
CharVectorvectors of characters (= strings) S F
CharVectorSlicesub-vectors of characters (= substrings) S F
CommandLineprogram name and arguments S F
Datemanipulation of calendar dates S F
Dynarraydynamic arrays L
Dynlibdynamic linking with C
FileSysinteraction with the file system S F
Gdbmpersistent hash tables of strings (gdbm) C
Gdimagegeneration of PNG images (Boutell's GD) C
Generalvarious top-level primitives SD
Graphicsgraphics primitives (DOS version only)
Hashsetsets implemented by hashtables L
Helpon-line help DF NO
Intoperations on integers S F
Intmapfinite maps from integers L
Intsetfinite sets of integers L
Lexingsupport for lexers generated by mosmllex
Listclassic list manipulation functions SDF NO
ListPairoperations on pairs of lists S F
Listsortlist sorting (mergesort)
Locationerror reporting for lexers and parsers
Mathtrigonometric functions etc. S F
Metafunctions specific to the interactive system
Miscvarious for initial top-level environment DF NO
Mosmlvarious non-standard utilities F
Mosmlcgiutilities for writing CGI programs
Mosmlcookiemanipulating cookies in CGI programs
Msputilities for generating HTML code
MySQLinterface to the Mysql database server C
NJ93top-level compatibility with SML/NJ 0.93 N
Nonstdionon-standard I/O, used by lexers
Optionpartial functions SDF NO
OSoperating system information S F
Parsingsupport for parsers generated by mosmlyac
Pathfile-system independent path manipulation S F
Polygdbmpolymorphic persistent hash tables (gdbm) C
Polyhashpolymorphic hash tables
Postgresinterface to PostgreSQL database server
PPgeneral prettyprinters L
Processmanipulating processes S F
Randomgeneration of pseudo-random numbers
Rbsetsets implemented by red-black trees
Realarithmetic on floating-point numbers S F
Redblackmapmaps implemented by red-black trees
Regexregular expressions as in POSIX 1003.2 C
Realarithmetic on floating-point numbers S F
SignalUnix signals S
Socketinterface to sockets C
Splaymapsplay-tree implementation of finite maps L
Splaysetsplay-tree implementation of finite sets L
Stringstring manipulation SDF NO
StringCvtconversion to and from strings S F
Substringmanipulation of constant-time substrings S F
Suspsupport for lazy evaluation
TextIOtext input-output streams (imperative) SDF
Timetime points and durations S F
Timermeasuring real time and cpu time S F
Unixstarting concurrent subprocesses S
Vectorimmutable constant-time-access vectors SDF NO
VectorSliceimmutable sub-vectors S F
Weakarrays of weak pointers
Wordwords (31-bit unsigned integers) S F
Word8bytes (8-bit unsigned integers) S F
Word8Arrayarrays of bytes S F
Word8ArraySlicesub-arrays of byte arrays S F
Word8Vectorvectors of bytes S F
Word8VectorSlicesub-vectors of byte vectors S F

The compatibility field is interpreted as follows:

means that the unit belongs to the SML Basis Library.
means that the unit is loaded if no `-P' option is specified (default).
means that the unit is loaded if option `-P full' is specified.
means that the unit is loaded if option `-P nj93' is specified.
means that the unit is loaded if option `-P sml90' is specified.
means that the unit is from the SML/NJ Library (version 0.2).
means that the unit requires the Dynlib foreign (C) function interface and other foreign libraries

Getting help in a mosml interactive session

Within a mosml interactive session, the Moscow ML Library manual pages are accessible in ASCII format from the `help' utility. For instance, to get help on the toString functions, type

   help "tostring";

Moscow ML 2.10, Peter Sestoft (